International Seminar // STARCHITECTURE, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London UK, Feb. 28, 2014



Ponzini D., Nastasi M. “Starchitecture.  Scenes, Actors and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities”,  February 28, 2014, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.


Internationally renowned architects have been at center stage, not only with reference to designing esthetically striking artifacts, but also to urban regeneration and city branding. In some cases cities seem to collect spectacular buildings as they were mere market or media products, having little regard for their context and contribution to the urban environment.

The seminar draws on Davide Ponzini’s research and Michele Nastasi’s photographic work regarding European, American and Asian cities. It shows that the spectacularization of contemporary architecture is potentially inducing paradoxical and even perverse urban effects; it proposes new policy, design and visual perspectives for informing current research, debate and practice.

A rich panel of scholars and opinion makers will discuss the implications of the lecture with reference to London and beyond.

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Architectural Association School of Architecture

February 28, 2014, 2 PM – Lecture Hall, 36 Bedford Square, London

SEMINAR:   “STARCHITECTURE: Scenes, Actors and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities”



2.00 Welcome by Mark Cousins (Director of History and Theory, AA)

2.05 Introduction: Brian Hatton (Liverpool John Moores University)

2.30 Lecture: Davide Ponzini (Politecnico di Milano) & Michele Nastasi (Photographer)

3.45 Panel Discussion:

-Paul Finch (Architectural Review and the Architects’ Journal)

-Trevor Skempton (Architect)

-Ellis Woodman (Building Design)